What makes a Great Activist?

Being a great activist isn’t as hard as many people may think. Here are five important qualities to keep in mind when spreading the animal rights message.

Determination and Passion.
A great activist will have a spark inside them that keeps them motivated. It is what can get us set up street stall and give out leaflets about animalsto people and educate them about animal right. You must believe you have the power to create positive change in this world.
Don’t despair if that spark inside, which motive you to get out there and help the animals,it might really be difficult here but just think back to what got you interested in animal rights in the first place. Try watch some documentaries, watch videos of animals being slaughetered. It is very upsetting to watch, but afterwards you may well feel that passion again to go and make a difference. Reading about what others are doing to help animals can also help inspire you to create change yourself .

Being polite and courteous are very important anyway, but even more so when you are out there representing the animals. Who would you like to listen to: the person who smiles and says let talk about animal right in a friendly tone or someone who stands around looking sad and violently giving you a church leaflet.

You also need to be sensitive towards other peoples opinions and beliefs. It can be tempting at times to say things out of anger, but these can offend people rather than get them thinking seriously about the issues. Ultimately, this can discourage someone who may have otherwise taken an interest in the topic.

Even if you are an introvert, allow yourself to be determined and never ignore your passion to get out there and help animals . let that passion ignite you. Of course, you don’t want to appear overconfident as people might see you as cocky and arrogant- it is about getting the balance right..

Knowing your stuff
Great activists are well read and well informed about animal issues. They understand the need when talking or writing about animal rights. Of a truth, animals are slaughtered in horric ways.

The Best Activists.
The best activists do what they can to help the cause. Not everyone is able to spend most of their time organising protests or holding street stalls. This isn’t about outdoing others ; this is about doing the amount you can personally do for the sake of the animals. Are you the best activist you can be? Only you can answer that one.

Chiemeka CHIEDOZIE is an animal activist, Nigerian ambassador for world animal day London and the Executive Director of Humane Global Network. Chiedozie is a keen writer, journalist and has had most of his articles on animals published in many newspapers. He is involved in lots of activities to help raise awareness about animals especially with children in the school.
For more information about chiedozie…. Call 08188918968.. Email… chichi4humane@yahoo.com, info@humaneglobalnetwork.com.ng

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