Our humane education programmes is geared towards embracing children natural love and curiosity about animals while fostering a sense of resoect , compassion and kindness for all life. Humane education is the most sustainable way of making a permanent improvement for amimals. Join us to build a future for animals in Nigeria. 

Just like us animals need freedom to express normal behaviour and have the company of their kind. Together with our team , we are raising awareness about animal welfare in West Africa. We have been to so many schools with our humane education and in every communities.Humane Global Network is the only humane education organisation in the country. In a country where animal welfare is a new concept , education helps change the negative attitudes and behaviours towards animals. It is important because it helps people to understand that animals are loving being and deserve care , protection,compassion and respect. If the people are not educated about the plight of animals including farm animals, they will not be able to effect a real change for animals.

The love for all living creatures is the most noble attrubure of man . thank you for following along with our works. We are dedicated to continuing to help and providing for animal and communities in Nigeria and beyound .

Humane education is critical in our society because knowing is caring. Let us spread the word. If we are truly ready to make a real difference for animals, we must begin by equipping the younger generation with knowledge about the welfare and rights of animals,who will go on to influence generations to come. Humane global network programs will continue to instill in the children kindness compassion and respect for animals.

Animal too need well prepared diet to survive and keep them healthy and happy. Our humane education lectures has the power to change negative perceptions and build a lasting relationship. Our programs gives the children and students the courage and ability to speak out for animals. We are showing children that animals needs love, care,and protection. We are building a foundation for our future generation to treat all living creatures with dignity they deserve especially in our country where animals dont have value. 

Humane global network is always on the move providing change through our humane education. It is through this we teaches kindness towards other people,animals and the environment. At humane global network. We are passionate about teaching the children and students to respect, be kind and compassionate to animals, and understand the human- animal bond. We therefore offer free , fun, interactive and educational animal welfare lessons and activities . we want to reach and inspire more schools in Nigeria and in other countries in the world in 2018.. We can’t do this without your support. 

It is very important for children to learn how to show love and compassion to each other and to animals . a lot of children do not grow up experiencing the love of an animal and sadly some don’t understand that animals have feelings too. We do believe that with education and introducing children to animals, we can inspire children to develop the passion to understand animals and to treat them with kindness and respect.

Humane global network humane education programmes equips children with knowledge about animal welfare. As a result, they are very passionate about spreading the message about animal welfare and protection.


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