For many the word animal safety do not ring a bell to their hearing but it send a cold sensation to any one who has feeling that animal abuse is wrong.

Today Humane Global Network an NGO is designes specifically for ages 5-19 years to enlightened kids about what animal security is all about. . Every animals need to be secured even our domestic animals because most of them can be easily be replaced by their

owners..Humane Global Network recognizes that in todays society especially in Nigeria, it takes a sensational story or event to grab people interest on animal security. Through our NGO, many people now kow especially kids in Africa that animals suffers a lot on factory farms, in laboratory and in the wild, before people will change their lifesytyle, they need an impetus to do. For me amd my team, we have decided to promote animal safety across the globe. You wil agree with me today that in Nigeria 90 out of 100 are animal eaters if not 98. We have discovered that animnal are kept in deplorable conditions, dragging themselves theough their own waste, kept outside without shelter, left to suffer horrible from untreated wounds, hunger, etc. The movement for animal security in Nigeria should be attended to because they also have feelings and emotions and deserve to be secured. 

Let me quickly ask these questions. Are animals like furniture that we often don’t notice. What must it be like for the dogs chain istead of being allowed to stop and sniff. For the birds going mad in ther cages or the rabbit in their cages. This is indeed very bad. Humane Global Network works to ducate the children and the publics on animal secutitry. We combine our evidence from research and how animal suffering or brutality can be ended. We works along side with other international groups to make campaign against animal suffering. In Nigeria.

As the Humane Global Network ponders on secutiry of the animals, we urge people to make sure that they are animal friendly and stop being cruel to animals. The only way solution to this problem of insecutiry is to pay more attention to animal security and ensuring a free animal safety. We have discover that every year hundreds of thousand of animals are used fo experiments, house olds, cleaning products and cosmetics.

  • Let us think safety don’t expose the animals to danger. The security of the nimal is a collective responsibilities.

* Our government and organizations and the ,media should create awareness on the need for animal safety.

* Cruelty to animals, animal sufferings should not be accepted.

* Cruel activities, such as bull fighting, circus, animal acts, horse racing and dogs racing and hunting shuld not be glorified.

* Wild animals should not be be filmed in an environment that perpetuates the idea that is acceptable to keep them in cages

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