The Humane Global Network at the Say No to Animal Cruelty must stop March held on 28th September, 2019 in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

The Humane Global Network at the Global Launch of Under the Skin-. The impact of the Donkey Skin Trade in West Africa on 21th November, 2019 in Abuja, organized by The Donkey Sanctuary in UK.

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The Humane Global Network at the 3rd Africa Animal Welfare Conference on the theme Animals, Environment and Sustainability Development in 21st Century African An Interlinked Approach held in Economic Commission For Africa, UNECA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..

The Humane Global Network at the 2nd Africa Animal Welfare Conference on the theme People, Animal and the Planet. One Health One Welfare held in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Humane Global Network organized Animal Bill of Rights, PEPINO AND PLANET OCEAN Seminar and Lectures Powered by Direct Action Everywhere on August 10th, 2020

HUMANE GLOBAL NETWORK is an organisation run by a voluntary council of Animal Lovers whose aims is to educate students ages 5-18 better understanding about the animal kingdom. The project is targeted at giving lectures/seminar to students in secondary schools on animal studies and playing a video clip for them to enhance their feeling that animals should be treated with respects and should not be abuse. The project will also brainstorm the students creating an environment for answers and questions, project street walk, demonstration, youth protest and campaign.

1 To enhance public awareness of the abuses of animals in our society
2. To educate students and publics to a sense of moral responsibility towards animals
3. To campaign against all areas of animal abuse
4. To prevent animal exploitation

The project seminar is going to be 1 day intensive lectures on animal studies and after which a video on animal will be shown to them. The lectures is free but we also welcome donation and support to fund our campaign.

The HUMANE GLOBAL NETWORK run a campaign/protest against all areas of animal abuse in order to promote a cruelty free life style. The project campaign will involve organizing a display on a public notice board, in the local library or at school, giving out leaflets to friends, family and taking a walk to any animal sanctuaries like zoo.

The HUMANE GLOBAL NETWORK welcomes members to join the humane club. The project membership is open to all students in the secondary schools. Each student who are member of the club will have access to our T-shirt and cap, resource materials, DVD, magazines a membership badge, stickers etc.

Please join HUMANE GLOBAL NETWORK youth Group today and let us fight Animal cruelty in our society.
Please support us financially. We need computers, printers, cameras,  laptops etc.

Contact the Executive Director.: chiemeka chiedozie

Tel. 08028562083/08188918968

HUMANE GLOBAL NETWORK as an organization will by educational campaigns and volunteer operations to eliminate or assuage lessen preventable suffering that animals go through, promote respect for animals, raise kind kids in Africa, awake people interest for animals and also carry out activities that will contribute to habitat and environmental protection.

it is the vision of Humane Global Network to work towards achieving a world community where humans and animals will live harmoniously together.

Humane Global Network policy is based on the extensive scientific research which has revealed that animal have feeling and emotions and therefore feel pain and experience distress. Humane Global Network therefore look beyond the conservation of species to the welfare of individuals.

Humane global Network has gotten a lot of popularity in Alimosho Lagos over the years. Humane Global Network has organised two successful programmes Animal Exhibition Show , Animal Conference Show etc.. Recently Humane Global Network Director has been to Ghana on invitaion to address the staff volunteers of the Society for the Animal Welfare Ghana and also he has been invited by the Liberia Animal Welfare Society on invitation.

The Humane Global Network is a Non governmental organization that is supported by individual, volunteers and receive no funding from the government. funding comes from friends, schools proprietor and proprietress and animal welfare locally. the purpose of Humane Global Network is to promote kindness to animal and educate the kids about animal in Africa. Animal concerned include farm animals and laboratory animals. Humane Global Network carries out its activities through individual personal effort and volunteer. members play crucial role to day to ensure that the objectives of the organization are turned into realities. Through the activities of Humane Global Network  most pupils in Lagos now know the existence of animal basic right and also about the animal world. Also people who by superstition belief have negative perception about some of these animal behave and therefore are now appreciating the presence and importance of these animal in the Eco system.


In the past years, Humane Global Network has been able to capture a lot of animal friendly \welfare organization in the UK and AMERICA who understood our set goals and objectives and they have been there for us in terms of providing materials and some of these organization are Animal Aid UK, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal PETA, International fund for animal welfare IFAW, Vegetarian International Voice for Animal VIVA, Animal Defender International and National Anti Vivisection Society. etc.

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Chiemeka Chiedozie has been certified and is being sponsor in the UK by Animal Experts like Mark White UK, Laura Turner UK, Mimi Becklehichi UK, Kate FowlerUK etc


Animal T-shirt, DVD animal documentary, leaflets, posters, fact sheet etc, animal phones and t-shirt.